Chilean Metals is a private 100% owned subsidiary of International PBX Ventures. Chilean Metals owns a 100% interest in six IOCG properties strategically located in the prolific IOCG belt of Chile. The tremendous size, relatively simple metallurgy and relatively high grade of IOCG deposits can produce extremely profitable mines.

International PBX Ventures is in the process of independently funding Chilean Metals to enable it to expand the exploration and development of its properties. PBX is reviewing various financial strategies including a spin out of Chilean Metals as a separately traded public company, entering into joint venture agreements on the exploration and development of the properties and or taking Chilean Metals ProjectsChilean Metals public. 

 Chilean Metals Projects:

    • Zulema: IOCG
     1,000 Ha, 100% owned

    • Palo Negro: Cu-Au-Fe (IOCG)
     6,500 Ha, 100% owned

   • Hornitos: Cu-Au-Fe (IOCG)
     3,200 Ha, 100% owned

   • Tierra de Oro: Cu-Au-Fe-Ag (IOCG)
6,000 Ha, 100% owned

   • Sierra Pintada: Cu-Au
4,700 Ha, 100% owned

   • Tabaco: Cu-Au
     725 Ha, 100% owned