Gary Medford - President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Medford earned BSc. and MSc. degrees from McGill University and a PHD. From the University of British Columbia. He spent his early career working for Cominco Ltd. in exploration of Northern and Western Canada. Subsequently he became involved in the junior company exploration business serving as a director of Teryl Resource Corp. and International PBX Ltd. as well as providing consulting services to many companies. For the last 10 years, his fulltime has been devoted to International PBX business.

Terry Walker - Director

Mr. Walker is a graduate of McGill University where he earned an MSc. Applied degree and has over 35 years of experience in both mine and exploration geology. He was in Chile in the early 1970’s and participated in work on the Chilean copper mega-porphyries while working with Asarco, but he has also worked for several other major mining companies including Noranda, Cameco and SMDC. Since 1995 he has worked in the junior mining industry mostly a president of International PBX Ltd. He is responsible for assembling the impressive suite of copper-gold-cobalt-titanium properties now owned by the company.

Michael Waskett-Myers - Director
Mr. Waskett-Myers has worked in mineral exploration for over 30 years for both major and junior companies primarily in the geochemical field. He now looks after the collection and computer processing of the company data.

Verna Wilson - Director and Founder of Company
Verna Wilson has over forty years of experience in the management of public companies and looks after the general business operations of the company.



Summary of Securities as at July 21, 2006


Authorized : 100,000,000 Common Shares no par value
100,000,000 Class "A" Shares $1.00 par value
100,000,000 Class "B" Shares $5.00 par value

Shares Issued : 50,586,890
Fully Diluted : 70,157,824
Shares Under Option:
Expiry Date
537,500 $0.51 Jan 05/07
690,000 $0.55 Jan.13/07
400,000 $0.60 Mar. 27 /08
1,200,000 $0.75 April 20/09
Total Options 2,827,500


Warrants Outstanding :
Expiry Date
2,334,350 $0.60 Dec. 15/06
4,339,977 $0.60 May 7/07
1,246,545 $0.65 June 23/07
6,159,380 $0.65 July 27/07
1,793,182 $0.65 August 23/07
   870,000 $1.00 June 29/08
Total Warrants Outstanding 16,743,434

Share Listing :

The TSX Venture Exchange symbol PBX-V
Frankfurt  IVV.FSE
United States (pink sheets)  IPBXF

Cusip No : 459959 102
Standard & Poor's Corporation, USA : Market Access Program
U.S. Securities : 12g3-2(b) Exemption # 82-2635
Legal Counsel : Bragagnolo
950-1055 West Georgia St.
Vancouver, B.C. V6C 3A8

Transfer Agent : CIBC Mellon Trust Co.
1600 - 1066 W. Hastings St.
Vancouver, B.C., V6E 3X1

Auditor : Don Prest
Manning Elliot
1100-1050 West Pender St.
Vancouver, BC V6C 3S7

Investor Relations :

Robert A. Young
Robert A. Young & Associates
Vancouver, B.C.
Ph: 604-682-5123
Toll Free: 1-877-626-2121

Board of Directors :

Verna Wilson
Gary A. Medford, Ph.D., P.Geo.
Terence Walker, M.Sc, P.Geo.

Michael Waskett-Myers

Officers :

Gary Medford, President & CEO

Terence Walker, M.Sc, P.Geo., VP Exploratin
Peter Kohl, CFO & Corporate Secretary

Wholly Owned Subsidiary:
Minera IPBX Limitada
Incorporated Chile March, 1997
Terry Walker, General Manager