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Tierra de Oro Gold Zones

Gold Zones


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The Sierra Chanchero intrusive complex is crosscut by strong three to five kilometre long, north to northeasterly and north west trending structure zones, which appear to be complementary tensional fault zones developed between the northern Fe-skarn boundary and southern contact shear faults. These tensional faults are commonly the foci of multi-episodic dyking, hydrothermal alteration and precious metal mineralization up to several hundred metres wide. Along the four most prominent structures second order complimentary east-west and south-easterly trending structures appear to localise, to a large extent, the principle areas of piquinero workings i.e. Bella Ester, Fe Skarn, Andacollo, Escondida, Atacama and Inca.


Mineralization within these alteration zones consists mainly of structurally controlled, multi-directional and often closely spaced, auriferous quartz-carbonate-limonite-hematite (after sulphide) veins, fracture zones and breccias. Numerous piquinero workings demonstrate the larger "veins" vary in width from 0.3 to 5.0 metres, are several hundred metres to several kilometres in strike length and can grade 1 to 2 ounces per ton gold. This is typically the case at the Fe-Skarn, Andacollo, Escondida and Inca Gold Zones where the larger veins have been worked extensively on surface and underground to depths up to 75 metres.
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